Game Types

Lets have fun and explore many games.

Mark The Words

What is it? Allow students to highlight words according to the task description and is given a score. Objectives Test the word skills of students

Memory Game

What is it? Students search for image pairs, which will display a specified text message once a matching pair has been found. Objectives Test the

Personality Quiz

What is it? Answer a series of question and get the best results that represent you. Objectives Let students discover their personalities by answering the

Quiz (Question Set)

What is it? Solve a sequence of various question types including Multichoice, Drag and drop and Fill in the blanks in a Question set. Objectives Test students’ understanding of

Single Choice Set

What is it? Simple and smooth quizzes consisting of single-choice questions. Objectives Test students understanding of a subject by them answering this single choice set.

Sort the Paragraphs

What is it? Arrange a series of sentences to make a complete meaningful paragraph. Objectives Test comprehension ability of the student to understand the context

Speak the Words

What is it? Answer the question given by using your voice. Objectives Encourage students to be vocal during class activities as the game used voice

True/False Question

What is it? Students answer whether true or false according to the statement given. Objectives Test students’ ability to decide on the truth of a

Virtual Tour (360)

What is it? Explore and learn as you immerse yourself within a realistic  360° environment. Objectives Allow students to place themselves virtually in a location