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About Us

Arviaclass aim to create engaging Interactive Games for teacher to use in class.
improving classroom environment to be more fun for student

engage student with excitement & knowledge

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Create an enjoyable, engaging interactive games as a mood booster for student to learn more in a digital learning environment . Ineffectiveness of traditional education can be cover using modern education games.

Games have been around for centuries, and their popularity has only grown in recent years. With the release of new typeof  games, as well as the rise of mobile online learning, student of all ages are spending more time than ever playing games. 


Games in the classroom have long been a staple of education. They help to keep students engaged and excited about learning, and can also stimulate cognitive development. In recent years, there has been an explosion of educational games designed for use in the classroom. 

These games range from simple online puzzles to more complex 3D simulations. While not all games are effective tools for teaching, a well-chosen game can be a powerful tool that boosts student engagement and excitement about learning.

Company aim for digital educations

digital educations facts

One of the big education growth is moving to towards digitalisation. Arviaclass is a revolutionary digital education platform that makes learning more interesting and fun.  Digital education need fun interactive games because, it Stimulate and motivate for student to learn and learning can beF fun and easy. Visualised Games helpful for student plus teacher. because, It develop new method to learn by visual and audio perception of words.

Education Games increase student abilities

Analytical Thinking
Logical Reasoning

Tailor-Made Education Games

Games for educators

Games can be a great way for educators to help students learn and develop new skills. They can also be a fun way for students to learn. When selecting games for educators, it is important to choose games that have rules that can be adapted to the specific needs of the students, as well as games that promote problem solving and interaction skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity. Team work is another important skill that can be developed through gaming.

great way to make classes more fun

Share your idea & knowledge through games

When knowledge sharing is conceived as a decision governed by the perceived payoff, it possesses a few distinctive features that are also found in the structure of education games. The individuals who engage in knowledge sharing are usually defined within a context, in an education community. In addition, knowledge sharing involves two or more persons.  Similarly, strategic games are played between two or more known players.  Next, within the realm of knowledge sharing, each individual chooses between two decisions, either to share or withhold knowledge. Similarly, most games involve a set of mutually exclusive strategies from which one is chosen.  

Finally, as mentioned earlier, the perceived payoff for an individual who contemplates to share knowledge encapsulates all his interests and concerns. The goal of every player is to decide on a strategy that yields the maximum payoff.  For the above reasons, knowledge sharing is deemed suitable to be implemented in education

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Educational Games break the communication borders no matter it is online or physical. All student can participate together

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Create games for a better future and generations. Optimise for growth and self development of student

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